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About us

At Ungrade, we believe that career assessment shouldn't be a one-off event.
Instead, it should be a continuous process that allows students to take ownership of their future and make informed decisions about what they want to do.
We've revolutionized the process through our masterclasses, which include detailed insights like skills, salaries and profiles associated with the career.

Founders Story

Rishikesh Ekbote is a Chartered Accountant and Lawyer. He has also completed B.com, and is 23rd All India Ranker in CS Executive. After founding and running a successful coaching institute for more than 5 years in Nasik, he decided that there were many students who were making poor career choices. So he started Ungrade to make education logical, aiming at helping students choose their careers correctly.

Rishikesh himself faced this problem when he entered CA not even knowing the full form of the course; he completed all levels in the 1st Attempt with flying colours! Not every student excels in the career which is chosen for him; Ungrade aims at rectifying this problem.

What we do

We have made it our mission to make students aware of the various career options available to them. We have created masterclasses that will not be in a typical format: they are entertaining, informative and inspirational. The sessions are designed to help students explore their interests and discover the world of possibilities. Our prime audience is 4-10th Standard students who can gain insight into their abilities and interests through engaging content. After completion, we assign a Psychometric test which analyses student's Interest levels, IQ and Aptitude, along with a career path suggestion. Tests are taken from 6th Std onwards.

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