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9th Career Counselling Free Masterclass

Making Career Counselling Logical!

Language: English

Instructors: Ungrade

Validity Period: 60 days

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What to expect from this career counselling masterclass?

The decisions you make, the goals you crush, and the path you choose around your 9th Standard are all crucial to how grand a life you unfold for yourself later.

All the tools you'll need to get started will be provided in this comprehensive master class. Less homework and fewer tests mean you can focus on figuring out what you want to do after 10th grade. We'll discuss well-known and well-paid professions such as public relations manager, due diligence analyst, data scientist, etc. Since high school is coming to an end, we'll discuss cutting-edge technological areas and provide context for all other facets of life, including career prospects and the soft skills you'll need to thrive in higher education. You'll have more drive and focus than ever to go after your ideal job as the new year begins.

Happy Learning; Happy Growing!! :)

Why choose this Career Counselling Masterclass?

According to a survey, 93% of students are unaware of the diverse, exciting, much more fulfilling career options beyond the typical 6-7 career lines they’ve grown up hearing about. With this masterclass, you’ll get warmed up to a multitude of interesting, unconventional courses. We will understand all your amazing skills, passions, and deep interests and work around them to show you paths for your future.

With our most interesting, fun, ‘infotainment’ content, you’ll have plenty of fun as you learn. At Ungrade, we curate custom content for your specific characteristics, including but not limited to age, aptitude, and interest areas. We never limit our analysis criterion to your exam marks or school curriculum. This is not just a career counselling session, we look at you as a person, individual and whole, and see your strengths, interests, inclinations, passions, and so much more alongside your scorecard. 

Befriend us as your career counsellor, and leave it to us to bring you closer to not just your goals, but to YOURSELF!

Benefits of Career Counselling Sessions:

  •  Clarity about the different career lines that match your interest areas and complement your skillset.
  •  Communication, interpersonal, life, and presentation skills to improve your equations with teachers, friends, and everyone in your network; To fill you with confidence and faith in yourself.
  •  Tips, tricks, strategies and mindset hacks to boost your academic performance.
  • Inspiration in the form of actionable insights from World Leaders, Billionaires, Social Icons, Entrepreneurs, and Successful Speakers from around the globe.
  •  Clarity of key concepts, skills, and ways of the world to groom you for adulthood.

  • A more rounded understanding of yourself; awareness about your own strengths and weaknesses, passions and interests, emotions and thoughts, and more.
  • A definitive list of careers best suited to your IQ, EQ, Aptitude, and capacities.
  • End-to-end support in career planning and goal-setting for realistic plans.
  • Expanded scope and potential of your mind and thoughts overall.

What's inside our Video Career Counselling Program?

Training Sessions for self-reliance, critical thinking, logical reasoning, working under pressure, etc.

Thorough end-to-end previews of all stages of a career such as law, medicine, Investment banking, Data Science, Nuclear Engineering, etc. to empower students to take a well-thought-out decision.

Stories and Learning from World Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Athletes, and Motivational speakers to learn real-time skills from the best.

Covers a plethora of topics such as Investment basics, public speaking, communication, accounting, etc., giving the opportunity to that students to pick specifically what appeals.

Career Counselling Course Curriculum

Why Ungrade?

Here at Ungrade, we have taken it up by multiple notches. Our Psychometric Tests are a clear winner because we’ve put in hours and hours of intricate effort to make it the most comprehensive guide you’ll ever come across. We provide end-to-end career insights about the most unconventional career paths as well, and all that without taking a test with us. We’re a one-stop solution and you can trust us with discovering a fit for you and telling you everything about it. From the salary, top colleges, pros, cons, and much more.

How to Access the Masterclass?

After successful enrollment, this masterclass will be accessible from your Course Dashboard.

You can access your courses in the following ways :

  • From the PC or Laptop (after successful login)
  • For Tablets and Mobile phones, you can access your library using our Android and IOS apps.

Terms and Conditions

  • The login details and device you register yourself with during primary enrollment will be the only device you can use to access our courses. To change your device, drop a mail at [email protected].
  • Course Certificate will be issued only after completing a minimum of 60% course.
  • All the doubts will be addressed during the discussions.
  • All the sessions are valid for 1 Year from the date of enrollment.
  • Lectures cannot be casted on TV or projector.
  • Once enrolled, Course fees are non refundable.

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