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Sample Report

Get 75+ page Custom Report with the following Features:

⏩️ Personality Analysis
⏩️ 360 Brain map
⏩️ Stream Selection Plot - Interest vs Potential
⏩️ Skill-Interest Analysis
⏩️ Top Career options
⏩️ Score against 14 identified skill sets
⏩️ Learning Recommendations
⏩️ Top Colleges
⏩️ Strengths & Weaknesses

What Is A Psychometric Test?

Psychometric tests measure your personality, skills, and interests. It helps you determine which type of personality you hold, and what strengths and weaknesses you have in your bucket as a consequence

It channels all this acquired information into creating a unique career and professional path for you.

Benefits of taking the Psychometric test

Objectivity: It will provide you with an unbiased evaluation of your skills, character traits, hobbies, and values.

Self-awareness: You can choose your career path by having a better understanding of your own preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

Career exploration: It will assist you in investigating different career opportunities and identifying potential professions that you may not have previously considered.

Efficiency: Psychometric tests can help you quickly and effectively rule out potential career paths, saving you time and effort while making a decision.

Improved judgement: You'll be able to make wiser decisions about your profession, which will improve your job happiness and success.

Reduced stress: Because decision-making is simple and provides structure and clarity, you may relax about the future.


2 Million

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rules


Percentage of Happy Students


Persona sets used for creating tests


Collaborated with cognitive learning specialists

Did you know that in the 1880s, Francis Galton developed the first real psychometric test?

Meaning of Psychometric tests:

They are able to provide an unbiased evaluation of a person's characteristics, intelligence, skills, and manner of behaving.

They are used in career guidance and placement to help individuals find work that is a good fit for their interests, values, and abilities.




What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling refers to receiving expert advice for your career goals. It helps you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and offers insights on how to channel all that into a career in which you will thrive. Career counselling is crucial for having informed, thorough, and detailed insights in place before taking life-changing career, educational, and life decisions.

Benefits of Career Counselling:

Career counselling is to your life/career what a supportive parent is to a child. Counselling will assist you in uncovering your best, encourage you toward a brighter future, be your motivator, give you clarity of thoughts and actions, and never leave your side. They equip you with all the information you need to craft a uniquely customized career for yourself, painting an honest picture of the benefits, drawbacks, and ground realities of whatever you plan.

What can a Career Counsellor do that others can't?

Counsellors help you with a distinct direction, clarity of thoughts/actions, and reassurances about all your career and future plans. Counsellors don’t bombard you with generalized information like the net does. They tweak each career option to complement your core strengths, providing you with a hyper-specific career path to walk on. A counsellor embraces the responsibility to guide you with both - the very minuscule steps and the big decisions you take that impact your education, life, career, and future professional life as well. A counsellor takes care of YOU, not what society thinks.

Meaning of Psychometric test:

Psychometric tests measure your personality, skills, and interests. It uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help you determine which type of personality you hold, and what strengths and weaknesses you have in your bucket as a consequence. It channels all this acquired information into creating a unique career and professional path for you. The MBTI is based on Carl Jung's theories of psychological types and continues to be trusted by thousands of people all over the world.

Why you should take a Psychometric test:

Why would you skip all the help you can get toward polishing your career? Here are many ways a Psychometric Test is valuable to your career plans -
  • It highlights your strengths and weaknesses, which also include core skills beyond the basic subjects taught in schools.
  • It taps into your potential to craft a career plan for you. It takes into account your capacities, interest areas, experience, inclination, and your natural flair towards whatever certain career path.
  • It tests and judges your emotional and cognitive quotients as well. What you intrinsically are majorly impacts what you do.
  • The test is designed to interpret your physical, and mental state, intellectual potential, and explore the impact of your conditioning on your personality and strengths.
  • Today, the flexibility and freedom that comes with bursting creative opportunities and unconventional careers is a game changer. But, with it comes the responsibility to ignore the blur and pick specific bests. The test clears out the chaos to highlight only what is exclusively relevant to you.
  • Career planning or not, our Psychometric Test is designed to maximize your self-awareness. They are a must on your to-do list, in case you want to know yourself better.

Importance of Career Guidance:

Academic decisions change the entire course of your life. It’s not just a big decision, it’s a powerful one. That one decision you take today defines so much of what your work-life and personal life would be like later. This one decision impacts your being to the very core and shapes the life you build on the outside as well. It leads you toward your upcoming social, financial, and emotional life as an adult. As you grow up, the amount of fulfilment you derive from life, work, and your career are directly proportional to the importance you give to this one big decision today.

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