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I found the psychometric test by Ungrade very helpful. The counselling session and explanation of the report were very clear enough.. it gave direction to our thought process. I would strongly recommend anyone who is confused as to which career path to choose to take their advice.

— Jyoti Chhabria (Keya's Mother)

Good session with good guidance. Helped me to chose desired course.

Rating for Psychometric Test and Career Counselling Session: 5/5

— Parth Panat

The session was very useful to us. It helped us look at certain aspects which we had ignored earlier. Would recommend the test and counselling to anyone looking for this. Thank you Ungrade.

— Anjani Dalal

Did you know that in the 1880s, Francis Galton developed the first real psychometric test?

Meaning of Psychometric tests:

They are able to provide an unbiased evaluation of a person's characteristics, intelligence, skills, and manner of behaving.

They are used in career guidance and placement to help individuals find work that is a good fit for their interests, values, and abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of taking the Psychometric test


• Learn how to evaluate someone's intelligence.

• Figuring out how to pick a college wisely

• Improved happiness and future prospects in work and life

• Identifies latent abilities

• Stresses good and bad qualities

• Discovering one's strengths and passions

• Illuminating the inner workings of the person's character


• If the student provides responses that don't reflect who he is, the results may not be reliable.

• A student's performance may suffer from test anxiety or from parental pressure.


2 Million

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rules


Percentage of Happy Students


Persona sets used for creating tests


Collaborated with cognitive learning specialists

Is giving a test enough?

In many countries, students' futures are decided by a single exam taken after the tenth grade. What does an hour-long exam have to do with your future?

How can the course of your entire life be determined by an examination that takes only one hour?

The proper procedure:

1 Get to know yourself and your hobbies by watching the masterclasses, reading the PDF, and taking the quizzes.

2. Take the test

3. Consider all of your options and their advantages and disadvantages.

4. Take the plunge, and choose your future profession

5. Invest one hundred percent of your time and energy into your career and continually improve your knowledge and abilities in the area.
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